May 2006: The car is sold now. Not gone forever, the new owner is just a few blocks away.
work in progress... for someone else now, after this accident:

Before that, everything looked soooo cool.
Stripping to the metal:

Sanding the single parts...

This door is beyond repair!

Rust in the inside of the fenders...

..and lots of hours sanding it off:

Filler to level the surface:

A brand-new spraypistol with digital display for the air pressure:

Mixing the paint - sorry GM freaks, but I like this Ford colour!

And the result!

inside the hood:

tailgate painted:

putting it all back together:

January 9th, 2004: New driverdoor arrived!

January 22nd, 2004: Plastic clips arrived! Now the crome can be put back on...

Complete break job: New drums, pads and cables for the rear:

new disks and pads for the front, new bushings for upper control arm:

new break hoses for the front, this one could have failed badly:

..and new shocks for the rear, because bodylift needs too many papers in Germany:

Click here to see the propane conversion!
October 2004: Take care of the nasty interior
Stay tuned for more pictures!